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Project Cube


Aug - Dec 2021


Level Designer

​Primary Programmer


Chenrui Huang

Ziyang Fang,

Siqi Chen,

Zhihao Zhang,

Runqi Li,

Zhiyi Ge


Level & Blueprint Design

Game Programming

​Version Control


Project Cube is a platform game in third-person that includes five levels and involves a team of six members, including designers, programmers, and artists. My contribution to the project involved designing an entire level and its mechanics and collaborating with a programmer to implement all the features of the level.

My Level

Taking inspiration from a mechanic in Mario Odyssey, the level I designed allows players to switch between 3D and 2D perspectives. This feature helps the character progress through various platforms that can only be accessed from specific perspectives.

The character initially faces an abyss that cannot be crossed in the 3D perspective, but switching to the 2D perspective causes the character to merge into a silhouette, enabling them to jump between shadow platforms.


I utilized the level blueprint to switch between the 3D and 2D perspectives and activate or deactivate the appropriate elements, such as collision boxes, lights, etc.


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