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Ziyang Fang,

Ada Huang,

Tammy Yang,

Sarah Abuharaz


UX Designer

UX Research


Aug - Dec 2022


Competitive Analysis


Interactive Prototyping

​Usability Testing


Problem Statement

"We're all living in a streaming world."

With the overload of information, terms like "streaming fatigue" and "subscription fatigue" have resulted from this new age of entertainment. People are overwhelmed by the endless options, mindlessly scrolling, and the sheer number of subscriptions across multiple platforms.


Streami's mission is to solve streaming fatigue and subscription fatigue. We hope our design can help people reduce the time spent on scrolling and choosing content and give them a clue on managing their subscriptions.

Design Process

1. Emphatize

To understand our potential users' thoughts on their streaming patterns and budgeting behaviors, our team recruited 5 participants for in-depth interviews. We also conducted competitor analyses such as Rotten Tomato, Likewise, Oneflix, and IMDB to see what we could learn from those existing products and what we could improve on our design.

2. Define

We generated a primary and a secondary persona based on the research analysis:


In all, user needs...

Having in-depth analysis and suggestions to help manage subscriptions

Being able to see what friends and family are watching and share contents with them

3. Ideate

Following the persona, the user flow is also defined; it shows the overall view of all the interactive pages, from the onboarding page to the in-depth analysis page and content detail pages.

4. Design

Various low-fidelity wireframes were created using paper and pen to ideate the screen.

​Interaction - Access 3 (Daily, Friends, Mood) recommendation modes page

​Interaction - Access profile page and personal analysis

Before fleshing out the high-fidelity prototype, we used keywords like "dark theme", "energetic", and "mood" as our core values of the platform and generated the style guide thereafter.

After conducting paper wireframes testing, we got to iterate further on designs in creating the prototypes.

5. Testing

To understand how different types of navigation design and recommendation methods affect people's understanding and efficiency in choosing their content of interest. We reached out to four people to conduct usability testing for any feedback.

Usability Inspection Report

Usability Inspection Report.png

Things to Improve:

Confusion between mood switching

On the homepage/recommendation page, the user was trapped within each mode and couldn’t move freely between different modes while in the middle of a specific mode. Wireframes don’t effectively demonstrate interactivity (Brown, 2011). It became difficult for the user to understand what was happening as they moved through each content recommendation card within each mode.

Help and documentation

Users will likely keep using the streaming application when they try our app, which may cause some trouble. Some examples are when users click on the recommended content on the home page, they expect to open the player instead of the details page; users expect to see a tutorial when they onboard the app and get to the subscription management page. We believe adding tutorials or some easy-to-access support crosses the app in the next iteration.


Based on a low fidelity prototype and a series of tests, we eventually iterated a high fidelity interactive prototype.



​Subscription Analysis

3 Recommendation Modes

Searching & Content Details

Final Digital Prototype


With the launch of STREAMI, we provide people with a new way to manage their subscriptions and budget in a unified platform and help people learn about their streaming habits by offering analysis reports based on the data we collect.

We ease streaming fatigue by

  • Saving people time on scrolling as they get limited recommendations

  • Enhancing users' time management as they spend time watching content instead of scrolling

  • Providing an overview of users' time analysis so they can better understand the time spent on streaming services.

Moreover, STREAMI's social-media-like function (the sharing option) can enhance interpersonal social behavior while people are conducting streaming activities. By getting in touch with friends and family from the real world, we hope to create some connection and interaction for people outside of the streaming platforms.

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